for a healthy body, home and planet


Ok, so you might be wondering why this page is here. We are graphic designers right? Well, here at Ziganny, we are not only committed to giving you, our customer, top quality design and print solutions that you love, but we are also very committed to the environment and the world in which we live in.

green-world-in-hand-1280x800 webWe value great products at a great price, that do not adversely harm our planet. We are happy that more and more printing companies are switching to environmentally safer inks so less harmful chemicals are getting into our waste water systems.

So, then we discovered a different way of shopping for consumer, supermarket type products that are made from environmentally friendly products that don’t cost the earth (pun intended), that free up a lot of your time as you just order them online, instead of a big shop at your local supermarket. And then they turn up at your door, once a month.

And, the best part, these are quality products that include: vitamins for vitality, cosmetics that are gluten free, household cleaners without harsh chemicals, weight loss management solutions. and the list goes on.

We really enjoy helping people get fitter, healthier, and be more in touch with their environment and the world around them. It’s all about education and being more aware. If everyone got enough exercise each day, slept well, ate healthy food, took care of the environment, and quite frankly, took better care of each other, we would live in a much better world than what we live in today.

Join us in our mission to make the world a cleaner, healthier place, one person at a time. To see if our products will be a good fit for you too, please fill out the form to the right.