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Wellness – Portion sizes

burger-1977-2000In the last 40 years or so, the standard dinner plate has increased from a diametre of 25 cms to 30 cms. At the same time, the fast food outlets have also been up-sizing the meal portions as well. So we often eat way more for dinner than we should. I had thought for a while that my portion sizes were too big. So I have systematically been reducing what I eat at dinner time to around half of what I ate 12 months ago.

Sometimes if I’ve made something really yum, I can easily get back into the old habit of piling up my plate. So I use my knife and push half of it to the side. Then once I have eaten the first half, I gauge whether I am still hungry enough to eat the rest. Usually I am full or maybe a little bit hungry which is ok. I can have some fruit or even dessert. And leave the other half of my dinner for a great lunch tomorrow. By doing this and also by upping my exercise I have lost a lot of weight.

If you drop down your portion sizes too fast. You might feel a bit light headed for a day or so. But it passes. A way around it. Do it gradually and make sure your dinner is mostly protein. It fills you up and keeps you full. If its mostly carbs, you will be hungry again sooner. So weight gain central… But it is totally worth trying to do it though. Every meal does not need to end in that horrible over full bloated feeling. That is sure sign that you have eaten too much.