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Wellness – Water

We need water to survive, but did you know that we also need water to maintain or lose weight.

isolated-glass-of-water-whiteYou kidneys and liver can work in tandem. Usually the kidneys flush out the toxins with our urine, and the liver regulates among other things our weight by monitoring our blood sugar levels and how much insulin is released into the blood stream. That is a very important thing for our liver to do. We don’t want it to have to stop that process. But if we aren’t drinking enough water, our kidneys get over loaded, so the liver has to stop its important work and help the kidneys instead to get rid of toxins. So drink more water. More general fluids are ok. Things like soups etc. But water is the best of all. Sugary drinks and caffeine drinks make the kidney work harder to flush out the extras before it can put the water to work. So guess what? Yes, you guessed it, the liver has to help. So all of that sugar you just drank, if it’s not burnt off, just gets stored as fat.

So drink just plain water with sugary drinks as an occasional treat. If you really need to buy those McDs or BK fast foods etc, fill up your cup with water instead of fizzy drink. Your body will thank you for it. Most fast food outlets have a filter water tap at the end of their fizzy drink dispensers.